Sex in the great outdoors (Playboy magazine 1976).

This is maybe one of the greatest wild life phenomenon on the planet ever captured on lens!
In the sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico, a massive congregation of Munkiana Devil Rays, relative of manta rays, was captured by a German photographer Florian Schulz, displaying unusual event which he dubbed as the Flight of the Rays.
But as this wonderful perspective shows, for all the individuals leaping out that are visible at sea level, there are many more below the surface. The jaw-dropping image below shows only a quarter of the whole scene.
No one knows why the rays gather like this, whether to mate, herd prey or migrate or just for the sheer joy of being together.

I remember this day and it makes me really happy

Photos of Nitori can also be produced in intensive 
Distribution planned for 2015 example Festival


Zion has been such a wonder // Joel Bear Studios

I just wanna be here, look out in the canyon lands again and let all my worries fall into the Earth

No shortage of waterfalls and wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge!

☮peaceful vibes and nature☮

Robert Plant with a horse at his farm in England, 1970.


Joan Baez and Jimi Hendrix.

such an epic picture fuck